Wind Telecomunicazioni S. P. A. (WIND, Italy)

The organisation:
Established in 1997, Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA has instigated radical changes in the services on offer in Italy and in the way they are marketed, with the aim of establishing new market standards for the integration of telephone services, and the development of the Internet, as a global response to the communications needs of people and businesses.  Wind is the third largest Italian mobile operator with 18 million customers and 18% market share; Wind is the second largest Italian wireline operator with 2.8 million subscribers, of which 1.9 million direct customers, Wind is one of the few Telecom Operators in Europe offering integrated fixed, Internet and mobile telecommunications solutions and runs the leading Italian internet portal, Libero, with over 30 million registered users.

Relevant skills/experience/technologies: In mid2008 Wind created Wind Innovation Lab (WIL), the strategic marketing and technological innovation centre of the company whose scope is to propose new services that possibly leverage disruptive technologies.  The ideas are developed through business modelling and product concept definition: proof-of-concept and fast-prototyping are achieved through activities in the laboratory and field trial activities and product proposals are presented to the company divisions for commercial deployment.  To achieve this WIL maintains stable cooperation with leading research centres in Europe and with the European Commission.  The standards evolution is verified continuously by participating in international workgroups and by monitoring new developments by technology partners with reference to the mobile access network segment.

Role in the project: Wind’s participation in the project will be more focussed on the realisation of industry case studies specially for the telecommunications field (WP6) and in the verification and end user evaluation of the scenarios (WP7) envisaged in the case studies. This allows Wind to also analyse the sustainability of the new solutions from the technical and economic points of view to have a complete vision of all opportunities.  In addition to this Wind will contribute with its telecommunications network planning and deployment expertise in the definitions of requirements and in the architectural approach (WP1). As an industrial partner Wind will contribute in the set-up of a demonstrator that shows and implements the new solutions (WP9).

Interest in project results: Wind has proven technology capabilities in the areas used in the various network segments, these range from mobile and landline access to the backbone transmission network.Moreover as part of its strategic evolution Wind is conducting an on-going investigation activity on innovative wireline and wireless technologies which enable offering new services in different conditions and environment, along with the user terminals that will adhere to the new approach.All of those activities are performed through an investigation of the new evolutions proposals for all the technological and procedural aspects and the new possible interaction models, implemented by the co-operation with research centres, universities, standardisation groups, and above all the technology suppliers.

Key personnel

Roberto Bertoldi received in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) his Degrees in Electrical Engineering (UFMG) and in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering (UCMG), both in 1979. In 1983 he received a post-graduate Degree in Automatic Control Systems at the La Sapienza University in Rome. He started his working career in 1983 with the Olivetti Group in Ivrea as a hardware designer working on Telephony, LANs, DECT-based WLANs, DSP and VHDL. He participated in the IEEE 802.3 10BaseT Committee, in several FP5 and FP6 EU Projects (BASS, MOICANE, OPERA, WEIRD, PHOENIX, MULTINET), in research activities funded by the Italian Research Ministry and in industrial projects. At present he is in the Wind Innovation Lab group where he conducts R&D in Telecommunications based on Open Source platforms, mainly for VoIP, WLANs and IPv6. He is currently involved in the development of applications for the Android platform.

Maria RitaSpada graduated cum laude in Physics at the University of Turin. She worked in Olivetti R&D in Image Processing, AI and 4th generation tools for banking applications. During her Olivetti experience she was involved in various Esprit Projects. She joined Infostrada/Wind in 1996, working on network planning and customer services tools. She was interested in streaming activities on MPEG2 and MPEG4 as concerning the VOD architectural technologies. Besides she dealt with the solution based on the wireless technologies. She has been involved in different European projects and in other innovation activities. Now she is responsible for the technological scouting within the Funded Projects  in the Wind Innovation Lab and is a technological expert for the Italian Government as far  as TLC issues are concerned.

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