Waterford Institute of Technology (TSSG, Ireland)

The organisation:
The Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) is Ireland’s largest research centre in the ICT domain. The group has over ten-year track record in research under Europe’s IST framework programmes, with over 30 IST projects to date. TSSG currently has about 150 staff and students; two thirds of which are professional research staff and the remainder are a mix of academic staff and MSc and PhD students.

From its outset the TSSG has carried out research on user device application development but this has expanded, to include network management, mobility, security, software development tools and pervasive computing. The TSSG also hosts the Irish National IPv6 Centre and Centre for Converged Communications Services (3CS).

Relevant skills/experience/technologies: Current FP6/FP7 projects within the TSSG portfolio include PERSIST, Think-Trust, INCO-TRUST, CoMiFin, EFIPSANS, AutoI, 4WARD, OPAALS, PARSIFAL, Perimeter, and many other projects.

The TSSG ethos is to build links between academic and industrial research through basic research, applied research and pre-product development. TSSG has been involved in EU FP6 CSA projects in the Security area since 2003, SECURIST, ESFORS, Think-Trust and INCO-TRUST roadmapping research challenges and priorities. TSSG also has specific expertise in trust modelling and trust management and has already used and extended that expertise in national and EU projects such as CoMiFin (FP7) and sTRUST (Irish) projects.  Additionally, TSSG has expertise in investigating the SOA paradigm for communications services; specifically, the design and deployment of dynamically composed adaptive and pervasive services.  WIT is also an active member of ETSI and IETF.

Role in the project: The main role of the TSSG is to provide and extend its expertise in the security and trust management research area. TSSG will also take part in other activities such as development, community building and standardisation benefiting its strong experience in those areas.

Interest in project results: Project results will be disseminated through publications and opportunities for product development will be explored thoroughly. TSSG has a commercial division which so far has produced several spin-out companies. TSSG has also established a programme supporting the establishment of start-up high technology companies, providing research and development capability to SMEs who otherwise won't have access to state of the art solutions within the region.  TSSG has already worked on possible market opportunities for trust management in certain technological areas and this project would help advance the trust management mechanisms and identify additional marketing routes.

Key personnel

Mr. Jimmy McGibney is a lecturer in security and chair of the programme board of the MSc in Communications Software at WIT. His main research interests are in trust models and distributed intrusion detection.  His IST project experience has included the OPAALS, SEINIT, SUSIE, CANCAN and DESSERT projects.

Zeta Dooly is a Research Project Manager at TSSG, Her experience includes 8 years industry experience, since joining TSSG in 2005 she has been involved in a number of National and European funded research projects including SecurIST ,ESFORS, and Think-Trust which were focused on security threats, identity management, socio-economic considerations, privacy, and building an EU framework towards a trustworthy Internet.  Within these, Zeta has been responsible for project management activities and chairing both Organisation committees on workshops and networking events. Zeta received her BBS from WIT in 1997 and Masters by research in Knowledge Management in 2006.

Hisain Elshaafi is a researcher and software engineer at the TSSG. He holds a Masters Degree from Waterford Institute of Technology and a Bachelor Honours Degree in computer science from Dublin Institute of Technology. He has worked on national and EU projects in areas involving IT security and trust, SOA, and software engineering and development including STRUST, 4WARD and CoMiFin.

Miguel Ponce de Leon is the Chief Technologist of the Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG), and in this role he monitors new ICT technologies, both internal and external to the TSSG environment and oversee the execution of research and innovation projects and the selection of new research opportunities. In R&D for 9 years with the TSSG, Miguel is an author of over 30 publications, leads TSSG scientific representative on 8 EU research projects and 5 EI projects (2007-present) and has participated in 8 other EU projects (2003 – 2007). Through this R&D Miguel leads a team of researchers in communications software services, network management, security and Internet technologies. Miguel is the TSSG standardisation liaison to TMForum, ETSI, and ISOC and member to 3 professional IEEE bodies.

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