SELEX Elsag (ELSAG, Italy)

The organisation:
ElsagDatamat SpA is an Italian company that works as system integrator in different markets (telecommunication, service providers, government, banking and insurance, defence).

It stems from the merge of two major Italian players named Elsag SpA and Datamat SpA. Elsag had been founded in 1905 in Genoa while Datamat had been founded in 1975 in Rome. Both of them work in the Italian IT market. They merged in 2006 and now they are one of the biggest IT companies.

Elsag Datamat is part of Finmeccanica group, one of the world's leading industrial conglomerates. The professional skills of 4,000 employees, technology, know-how, the capacity to operate in critical contexts, and an innovative approach demonstrated by constant investment in R&D, are just some of the distinctive features developed over more than a century in business.

In Telecommunications industries, Elsag Datamat addresses operators of fixed and mobile voice, data and video networks with a wide-range offering: from consultancy to System Integration. Elsag Datamat has intense R&D activities and has been extensively involved in European research programs and has a strong background in Management and Network Management.

Together with the above capabilities, Elsag Datamat includes in its portfolio several solutions for delivering services based upon SOA infrastructures and it offers to its customers solutions and services for monitoring and managing complex infrastructures such as communication and power supply.

Relevant skills/experience/technologies: Elsag Datamat has a wide background concerning the thematic areas and the technologies related to this project. Elsag Datamat has participated in many European funded research projects, starting from FP4 up to FP7, and has created over time a network of relationships that let us pick up the best possible partners for building consortia that guarantees the best project result.

Currently Elsag Datamat is participating in the following FP7 projects related to the security:

·         CoMiFin - Communication Middleware for Monitoring Financial CI (as coordinator)

·         INTERSECTION - Infrastructure for heterogeneous, resilient, secure,  complex, tightly inter-operating networks (as coordinator)

·         INSPIRE - Increasing security and protection through infrastructure resilience (participant).


Role in the project: Elsag Datamat works as IT provider and system integrator. Our major interest is in software platform production and delivery. Elsag Datamat will provide domain expertise within case study A.

Interest in project results: Elsag Datamat is interested in participating in this project in order to enrich and share its expertise in an international environment. Secure and dependable service platforms are part of our work and we’re strongly willing to enhance our experience in this area through European projects. We are a business company and therefore we plan reusing implemented technology in the Italian and European markets, according to existing IPR rules. We plan having a new product coming out from this project.

Key personnel

Paolo Pucci received his master in Computer Science from University of Pisa in 1993. After some working at CNR in the definition of formal specification languages, he started working for Datamat SpA (now Elsag Datamat SpA) in the field of data bases and data warehouses. Later on, he came back to research by entering in the R&D group where he managed projects focused on multimedia applications and software service architectures.

Giuseppe Martufi received his master in Electronic Engineering from the University “La Sapienza” of Rome in 1997. He has worked for two years at CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) on multimedia standards and advanced multimedia applications. Later on he has started working for Datamat and he has managed projects focused on control protocols (SIP) and on IP-based standards.

Enrico Angori received his master in Electronic Engineering from the University “La Sapienza” of Rome in 1987. In the same year he started working at Datamat. He has worked on a number of projects, including military CMS and Message Handling systems, security systems for main Italian Administrations, AAA systems and Data Warehouses for Telco operators. He has worked in some ICT projects as both project coordinator and WP leader.

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