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The organisation:
With 12 million users, 96.400 installations, and more than 1,500 partners, SAP is the world’s largest inter-enterprise software company and the world’s third-largest independent software supplier. SAP solutions help enterprises of all sizes around the world to improve customer relationships, enhance partner collaboration and create efficiencies across their supply chains and business operations. SAP employs over 39,300 people in more than 50 countries. SAP Research is the technology research department of SAP and is responsible for identifying, researching, understanding, developing and evaluating new and emerging technologies that influence the future of SAP business applications.

SAP Research is a Global Business Unit under the direction of SAP AG operating Research Centres in various countries. Depending on the particular needs of the projects, SAP Research will consider to distribute work packages among its locations in order to engage Researchers with the required expertise. This will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the execution of the project. With the focus on applied research, SAP Research bridges the gap between open, collaborative research with external partners and exploitation into new or existing SAP product lines through SAP’s development groups.

In the context of this document, SAP refers to SAP AG and its SAP Research Business Unit. 

Relevant skills/experience/technologies: SAP will contribute with its expertise in software development for large enterprise systems, in particular with a focus on using applied formal methods for ensuring their security and safety. Currently, SAP Research is involved in a several European and national projects relevant to Aniketos, among them MASTER, AVANTSSAR, TEXO/THESEUS, and Deploy.

Role in the project: SAP will focus on contributing to the industrial use cases of Aniketos (WP 6), the integration of notions of trust into service-based systems and the use of applied formal methods for ensuring the compliance and compositionality of service to the specified contracts (WP2 and WP3). Finally, SAP will contribute to the industry transfer of the results (WP7-11).

Interest in project results: Overall, the results of Aniketos will extend SAP’s expertise in developing secure, agile, and service-oriented enterprise systems that fulfill the customers’ requirements. In particular, Aniketos will help SAP in evaluating the use of formal software engineering techniques in an industrial environment.

Key personnel

Dr. Achim D. Brucker is a member of SAP Research in Germany where he is contributing to the Security and Trust Research Program. He received his Ph.D. from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. His research interests include security, software engineering and formal methods.  In particular, he is interested in tools and methods for modelling, building, and validating secure and reliable systems. He also participates in the OCL standardisation process of the OMG.

Isabelle Hang is a PhD student in Computer Science and member of SAP Research Karlsruhe where she is contributing to the Security and Trust Research Program. She holds a diploma in mathematics and computer science. 

Volkmar Lotz is the Research Program Manager for Security and Trust at SAP Research. His responsibilities include the definition and implementation of SAP's security research agenda, its strategic alignment to SAP’s business needs, and the maintenance of a global research partner network. His group’s research topics comprise service security, business process security, secure software engineering, trusted collaboration, compliance enforcement, and adaptive security. Before joining SAP, he was heading the “Formal Methods in Security Analysis” group at Siemens Corporate Technology, emphasising on security requirements engineering, evaluation and certification, cryptographic protocol verification, and mobile code security. He has been the main contributor to the LKW model, a formal security model for smartcard processors. In addition, his experience includes context-aware mobile systems, legally binding agent

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