HCI & Usability Unit/ICT&S Center/University of Salzburg (PLUS, Austria)

The organisation:
The Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society (ICT&S Center) was established as an independent interfaculty research and study centre within the University of Salzburg. The central vision is to face the challenges of the interrelationship between technology and society and deliver interdisciplinary solutions for the fields of business, technology, science and policy. The HCI & Usability Unit of the ICT&S Center deals with specific questions related to design, development, and evaluation of existing and emerging interaction systems and environments. Over the years, several national and international research projects and industrial co-operations have been carried out by the interdisciplinary team (with backgrounds from computer science, psychology, communication science, design, information management, and sociology). In particular the HCI & Usability Unit studies and develops enhanced forms of user experience; is engaged in studying and developing new interaction paradigms; studies, develops and applies interdisciplinary methods and tools for experience centred design; studies different interaction contexts and enhances them by optimised experiences, and applies user centred methodologies towards innovative and optimised applications.

Relevant skills/experience/technologies: PLUS has expertise in usability, user acceptance, and user experience research. PLUS will mainly contribute to the evaluation of user acceptance and user experience issues, with special focus on trust, privacy, and security issues, as well as to the usability evaluation of Aniketos. The most recent European projects, in which PLUS extended its expertise on user experience and user acceptance evaluation, are FP6 CITIZEN MEDIA, FP6 ROBOT@CWE, FP7 IURO, and FP7 VERITAS.

Role in the project: PLUS will be responsible for the end user evaluation and validation of the Aniketos platform. The main activities done by PLUS include the elicitation of user/social requirements, the establishment of a model of trust as well as the evaluation of the Aniketos platform with regard to usability and quality of experience, user acceptance and trust.

Interest in project results: We would like to further investigate trust, privacy, and security issues for Internet services and thus extend our competence in this area. Furthermore, we want to develop a model (framework) for describing how users’ experience and accept a system, with special regard to trustworthiness and effective security of a system, providing the basis for other research in this area.

Key personnel

Manfred Tscheligi is professor for Human-Computer Interaction & Usability at the University of Salzburg. He has done pioneer work in this field and established it in Austria (both in university education, as a research field as well as an industrially applied field). Manfred Tscheligi has been responsible for more than 200 national and international projects (basic research, applied research, industrial co-operations) and several national and international initiatives.

Marianna Obrist is assistant professor in the HCI & Usability Unit of the ICT&S Centre at the University of Salzburg. The focal point of her research lies in user-centred design methods, in particular on user experience evaluation methods and the active user involvement into the development of new products/systems. She is involved in several national and international research projects concerned mainly with the evaluation of user experience and acceptance.

Elke Beck is a research fellow at the HCI & Usability Unit of the ICT&S Center. She holds a master degree in Communication Science, majoring in new media and HCI. Her master thesis focuses on the integration of ICTs in the home context. She was involved in national and international research projects, mainly concerned on the social issues and impact of ICTs on society (e.g. ITV 4 all, CITIZEN MEDIA - social change).

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