The organisation: FUNDACION TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION (TECNALIA) is a private, non-profit and independent research organisation resulting from the merger of eight research organisations: Fundación Cidemco, Fundación European Software Institute, Fundación European Virtual Engineering, Fundación Fatronik, Fundación Inasmet, Fundación Labein, Fundación Leia and Fundación Robotiker.

TECNALIA is the leading private and independent research and technology entity in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe. TECNALIA employs 1,437 people (164 PhDs) and its turnover is 121Me, it filed 53 patents, had 3800 clients and created 8 spin-offs in 2009. TECNALIA is very active in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) having already gained 150 projects, and coordinating 31 of them.

Innovation Systems, Sustainable Development (Energy, Construction and Environment), Industry and Transport (Casting and iron & steel, Transport and Industrial Systems), ICT (Software, Telecom, Infotech and Information Society) and Health and Life Quality (Health and Life Quality) are the fields in which TECNALIA operates.

Relevant skills/experience/technologies: The focus of TECNALIA activities is the applied research on innovative technologies, in order to use the knowledge and research results in the companies and in the society to contribute to their growth.TECNALIA has an extensive experience of participation in EC Framework Programmes, and Eureka international projects, in particular, in ITEA, MEDEA and CELTIC clusters. The main relevant key area of technology research for Aniketos is Trust, Security and Dependability, with focus on designing and architecting more trustable systems/services and improving system security and dependability by facilitating the design and development of secure software.

Role in the project: TECNALIA will be responsible for leading WP1; defining the common approach and architecture for the other WPs. TECNALIA will also contribute with expertise in trust mechanisms and secure service composition to the WP2 and WP3, respectively, and to the development of the Aniketos platform (WP5). Additionally, TECNALIA will work in all the activities that are directly related to the usability assurance and industry transfer of the results (WP7-11).

Interest in project results: The objective of TECNALIA is to build technology and services on top of the Aniketos platform (tools and methods) to be included in the TECNALIA commercial portfolio of courses and services. Through participation in the project, TECNALIA will also extend their competence in secure software development for the FI.

Key personnel

Professor Estíbaliz Delgado is experienced manager of national and international R&D projects on Information Security and Software Process Improvement. She has been in charge of 2 Special Interest Groups on ‘Security Policy Management’ and ‘Trust marks’ within the ALPINE WG and belongs to the executive committee of the Spanish Technology Platform on Trust & Security – eSEC. She collaborates with other Technology Platforms and Forums such as NESSI, INES, eVIA, ESFORS and ISF. Estibaliz has her Ph.D. in ‘Trust boosting Mechanisms for eCommerce’ by the Univ. of Basque Country.

Ms. Erkuden Rios is a research engineer in the 'Trust, Security & Dependability' Dpt. within TECNALIA. She is specialised in trust and security engineering technologies, and has also a great experience in Model Driven Architectures and their industrial applicability for the improvement of the software development process. She has worked in several large European and Spanish national projects on the subject such as SHIELDS, MODELWARE, MODELPLEX, and MODEM. She is currently studying for her Ph.D. in Information and Communication Technologies in Mobile Networks at the Univ. of Basque Country.


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