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The organisation:DAEM S.A. was established 26 years ago, as the IT company for the City of Athens and since then it has developed and practiced its strategy based upon the incorporation of state-of-the-art Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for the improvement of the citizens’ everyday lives. DAEM is capable of undertaking and supporting change in view of a qualitative restructuring of digital infrastructure and services that pave the way towards true metropolitan governance.DAEM is a Local Government Organisation Developmental S.A., having a mission to develop IT systems, applications and infrastructure and support City of Athens’ and other local government organizations - clients by providing integrated IT services andbeing a credible ally in any public, private or other project initiative.Therefore, areas of interest and expertise  include European Research and Development projects (R&D), apart from products and services provision that  target Municipalities and public organizations operating nationwide and around Europe. DAEM implements the Quality Assurance System per ISO 9001 for the design and administration of projects, software development and engineering, web-design and integrated IT solutions.

Relevant skills/experience/technologies:The specialised department for Research and Development is fully qualified for the design, development and implementation of integrated information systems and committed to the success of any scale and scope Information and Communications Technology (ICT) project by building on experience and expertise in key areas and by exploiting communication channels to further promote project developments.

Role in the project:DAEM will add value to the project first by highlighting the requirements of the Aniketos platform and its modelling language from a services perspective. The realisation of industry case studies in WP6 as well as the validation and end-user evaluation in WP7 will involve DAEM as the provider of the relevant real time data input at runtime of service composition. Finally, by understanding and supporting dissemination and exploitation activities DAEM aims at identifying Aniketos exploitation potential.

Interest in project results: By participating in Aniketos project DAEM will enrich its capabilities and extend its expertise with respect to secure and trustworthy web services provision, in terms of exploiting SOA approach to service provision and creating and sustaining end-users’ trust in innovative composite services, motivated by the potential discovery of supporting technologies and relevant knowledge transfer both by industrial and research partners.

Key personnel:

Mr. Konstantinos Lambrinoudisis a graduate of the Portsmouth Polytechnic in Electrical Engineering and holds a post graduate degree (MSc) in Automatic Control Systems awarded by the Portsmouth Polytechnic as well. He has been the General Director of DAEM since 1985 while leading significant projects such as the ATHINA projects (Action Plan for the Information Society in Attica), RISI Initiative. He has also been involved in research as a member of the research team of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). As far as R&D projects are concerned, apart from Aniketos, Mr.Lamprinoudis is involved in CIP-PSP-B-Puzzled By Policy.

Mr. Nikolaos Kyparissisis a qualified aircraft engineer working for DAEM for the last 10 years as Head of the Technical Dpt. He worked for the completion of project M-Guide project: Cultural Location Based Information Services and for the proposal for the creation of the City of Athens web-portal, project funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework (N.S.R.F). He is currently involved in various FP7 projects such as Puzzled by Policy and Peripheria.


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