Athens Technology Center SA (ATC, Greece)

The organisation: Founded in 1987, ATC is an Information Technology Company (SME) offering solutions and services targeting specific sectors incl. the Media, Banking and Retail Sectors, Utilities and Public Sector Organisations as well as horizontal solutions focusing on Content Management, Web Applications, Human Capital Resource Management and eLearning, and Mobile Applications. The activities of the company span several countries in the EU, Eastern Europe and CIS countries, as well as the Balkans. ATC provides the Media Sector with consulting and media – specific solutions as an active and leading supplier of newsroom, editorial and archive specific editorial solutions with a particular emphasis on News and Press Agencies and Publishing organisations. The company has also formed a strategic alliance with SABA/CENTRA Inc, enabling the company to offer best of breed solutions for synchronous and asynchronous e-learning and Human Capital Management needs. ATC is a key partner in consortia providing relevant solutions and services in the context of strategic projects for the Greek public sector. In recent years ATC has also been investing in mobile technologies. ATC’s Mobile Solutions support mobile workforce collaboration, mobile social networking, mobile enablement of enterprise applications and custom mobile solutions. Having acquired ISO 9001 certification since 2000, the company provides a broad spectrum of value-added products and services such as consulting, customer training, installation and maintenance, warranty and post-warranty services, SLA projects, project management, and professional support. Central to the company’s strategy is the conduction of vivid Research and Development, focusing both in improving current Products and Solutions, as well as in exploring new technologies for future growth.

Relevant skills/experience/technologies: ATC will build on its accumulated expertise in key areas such as Software and Services, Open Source technologies, Trust, Security and Dependability, Co-operative Platforms, Mobile technologies and can exploit its existing customer and partner channels to further promote project developments.

Role in the project: Building on its expertise from both commercial and research projects, in the context of Aniketos, ATC will lead WP5: Platform Construction focusing on the development of the main platform that will enable the software developers to integrate secure and trustworthy composite services. ATC will also be involved in integrated activity of WP6: Realisation of industry use cases, by designing and developing the case study, based in eGovernance. ATC will also be responsible for acquiring the necessary specifications and requirements for this case study from the respective entities, in order to provide an adequate prototype service. Finally, ATC will be heavily involved in WP11: Dissemination and Exploitation, focusing on market analysis, business planning and identification of exploitation prospects for the Aniketos’ results.

Interest in project results: ATC’s participation in the Aniketos project will enhance its capabilities and expertise with respect to secure service development and contribute towards enriching existing technology assets in order to improve the Company’s current portfolio of products and services. More specifically ATC would like to exploit project developments in the context of its mobile solutions provisioning as well as to its solutions towards the Media, Banking and Public Sector, where security and trust are key concerns. The exact form of exploitation will depend on the model (open source, commercial licensing scheme, or hybrid) to be adopted by the project.

Key personnel

Dr. Vasilios Tountopoulos, a PhD holder in Electrical and Computer Engineering is a senior IT consultant with multiyear experience in EU & National R&D projects.

Mr. Yannis Orthopoulos, a B.Eng. holder in Telecommunication Engineering and a B.Eng. in Computer Engineering is a Project Manager in ATC’s Consulting Dept. and has extensive participation in EU R&D projects.

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